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The “Language/Place carnival” is a joined blog cyber journey featuring international perspectives on language and place. It was initiated in 2010 by BluePrintReview editor Dorothee Lang in Germany.

The carnival moved through all continents of the world in almost 20 editions, reaching from Hong Kong to London, from Slovenia to Alaska, and from Mexico to India. Each edition was hosted by a different poet, writer, artist or blogger, and had an own focus theme.

The archive of “Language/Place" is included in the sidebar, an extendend archive is online here: Editions

More about the concept of this web initiative: about the carnival

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7 continents, 7 books



edition #17
hosted by Vivian F. Prescott

edition #16
hosted by Steve Wing

edition #15
hosted by Abha Iyengar

edition #14
hosted by Stella Pierides

edition #13
hosted by Christopher Allen

edition #12
hosted by Linda Hofke

edition #11
hosted by Dorothee Lang

edition #10
hosted by Sheree Mack

edition #9
hosted by Brigita Orel

edition #8
hosted by Walter Bjorkman

edition #7
hosted by Julia Davies

edition #6
hosted by Michelle Elvy

edition #5
hosted by Parmanu

edition #4
hosted by Jean Morris

edition #3
hosted by Michael J. Solender

edition #2
hosted by Nicolette Wong

edition #1

hosted by Dorothee Lang



The idea for the “Language/Place carnival” developed through BluePrintReview, an experimental online journal that features language and images from unrelated places in theme issues.


Archive + Geographic Map of Edition

For an overview of all edition, visit the > language >place archive
The archive page also includes a short note on each edition.


Anniversary edition with geographic map
As edition #11, a special anniversary edition of language/place went online:
Streets, Signs, Directions. This edition also includes a geographic map with the former editions, here's the direct link: edition map.

Facebook + Contributor Blog Roll

Connect, Share, Visit:
- Contributor blog roll - for reading pleasure between editions
- Language/Place facebook page - for news, links, comments


The concept of "> Language > Place"
To create a collaborative cyber journey that features international perspectives on language and place, in different formats, and with different languages included - that's the concept of this collaborate project. The main language is english, the carnival consists of a central page that links to all participating blogs (more).


other blueprint projects: BluePrintReview, blueprint lit + book blog
concept+coordination: Dorothee Lang
title photo credits: Steve Wing, Rose Hunter, Dorothee Lang, Satu Kaikkonen