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The idea of "> Language > Place" is to create a collaborate virtual journey through different places, in different formats, and with different languages included the main language is english, yet the idea is that every post also includes snippets or terms of other languages, and refers to a specific place, country, region or city.

The concept of a blog carnival
In a nutshell: there's a given theme, and to join, you put up a relating blog post in your blog, and then send the link to the host of the carnival who then puts a central page with links to all participating blogs / posts together.
The clue to it: the blog who hosts the carneval isn't fixed, but rotating. it's almost like an online-magazine, but de-central: a branching out into web, instead of gathering all in one spot. and of course, if you click through it, you get to visit the different blogs, with additional content in it.

The structure of the editions
The structure that developed for the first edition is not fixed: each host can put the edition together in a way that to him / her feels fits well. It could also be sorted by regions, or like a calendar, following the order the contributions were sent in. For the first carnival, I wanted to show the diversity and range of themes.

Hosting experiences
Some hosting experiences are included in edition #5 of the carnival in a special feature. The question: "Why did they choose to host, and how would they summarize the hosting experience?" - The answers here in Hosting the carnival.

The idea for this carnival
It's often difficult to trace how an idea developed. For this carnival, it was a conjunction of 2 events in time: at the end of October, blueprintreview editor Dorothee Lang was invited to join a blog carnival about trees. And was amazed by the concept of blog carnivals. Shortly afterwards, she went to Frankfurt Book Fair. It was there, while browsing the fair, that the idea for this carnival took shape.
The initial invite is still up here: invite to join >language >place, and here some blog notes on the creation of the first issue are online in virtual notes.


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edition #17
hosted by Vivian F. Prescott

edition #16
hosted by Steve Wing

edition #15
hosted by Abha Iyengar

edition #14
hosted by Stella Pierides

edition #13
hosted by Christopher Allen

edition #12
hosted by Linda Hofke

edition #11
hosted by Dorothee Lang

edition #10
hosted by Sheree Mack

edition #9
hosted by Brigita Orel

edition #8
hosted by Walter Bjorkman

edition #7
hosted by Julia Davies

edition #6
hosted by Michelle Elvy

edition #5
hosted by Parmanu

edition #4
hosted by Jean Morris

edition #3
hosted by Michael J. Solender

edition #2
hosted by Nicolette Wong

edition #1

hosted by Dorothee Lang

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