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Senseless 2010

1. Don't mind

paper forms

asking who lives

in my home

2. and how we relate

to each other

3. or how old we are

4. but what sense is there

in asking me what I am,

when I'm only allowed to pick

one pre-determined box

regulated to sum myself up?

5. as it is, I'm a lot of things

(most are unmentionable)


6. mark

my words

7. I can't define

myself under White

'cause that would deny

my indigenous ancestors' fight

with the Spaniards

8. And I cannot fill in the box

of Native American

'cause that would renounce

my invincible European tongue

I've surrendered myself to love

9. So I suppose I'll check

"Some other race"

because it wouldn't be

anything new

to exist fixated between brackets

10. and in black pen, I'll print


I've fumbled through

many a labyrinth of solitude

to know what

they've told me is


and so on


words: Deborah Aguilar Escalante, California
image: Susan M. Gibb, USA (Spinning / Hypercompendia)


another set of boxes: Cubes (#15)


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BluePrintReview - issue 26 - identity