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New Books from BluePrintReview Authors

6 books. reaching from poetry to non-fiction, from Canada to Mexico, from tale to travel, from print to ebook.

here's what the authors say about their books:

Molly Gaudry - mudlusciouspress
'We Take Me Apart'

"When people ask what this book is about, I say: 'It is a retelling of several of the more well-known versions of fairy tales. It is long like a novel but written as poetry.' I would like to add, here, that We Take Me Apart took me apart, and that I and my heart are we. I would also like to add that I find it interesting that, thus far, no one has commented on the murder that takes place--the murder, after all, that might explain why the narrator is institutionalized.”
- Molly

book link: We Take Me Apart - mudlusciouspress
author homepage: Molly Gaudry & book reviews
Molly Gaudry in BluePrintReview #21: Faith

Dorothee Lang - blueprintpress
'in transit'

"It was a road trip that finally let me get this book together - while driving, I thought of past journeys and places. About the people I had met somewhere out there. About the transit-story-collection I once had started. Back home, the journey continued. I retrieved the file. It was my departure point. I added new texts. Shifted. Turned. Moved. Until the mosaic of stories and poems and maps clicked into place. Friends asked me: "Aren't you travelling again?" - "I am," I answered. And in a way, it is only paper. In another way, in transit is a road trip in connecting pages.
- Dorothee

book link: in transit - blueprintpress
author homepage: Dorothee Lang
Dorothee Lang is the editor of BluePrintReview

Beate Sigriddaughter
'Snow White

"Over thirty years ago I was obsessed with Snow White’s stepmother condemned to dance to her death on glowing coals. Checking my sources again, it was 'really' heated iron slippers. Three years ago I finally started rewriting the fairytale, stirring in my own ideas. Much like life, it didn’t turn out anything like what I had expected. But it was fun."
- Beate

book links: Snow White / Lulu, Amazon
author homepage: Beate Sigriddaughter
Beate Sigriddaughter in BluePrintReview #23: in her dreams

Rose Hunter - YB Books
'Another Night at the Circus'

This collection of linked short stories charts the varying fortunes of Alex: hooker, stripper, and massage parlour worker. Making her way through a mix of tragic and comic situations, Alex seeks to keep the emotional impact at bay via a steady diet of drugs, alcohol, and ironic detachment. Along the way she encounters crazed johns, sadistic pimps and brothel owners and cruel coworkers, as well as people who, like her, are just trying - and failing - to connect."
- Rose

book info: Another Night at the Circus
author blog: Rose Hunter
Rose Hunter in BluePrintReview #23: Agave

Patrick Pilarski - Leafpress
'Huge Blue'

"Small but expansive—I’m thrilled to introduce Huge Blue, a collection of contemporary haiku, haibun, tanka, and related short forms. Born and written through travel, it is a poetic tour guide to Canada’s stunning western provinces. Huge Blue presents snapshots of rich diversity while at the same time connecting to a unified progression of time and place. Through it, I hope readers gain insight into unexpected Canadian landscapes, both personal and natural."
- Patrick

book link
: Huge Blue - Leafpress
author homepage: Patrick Pilarski
Patrick Pilarski in BluePrintReview #23: 2 poems

Gregory F. Tague - Editions Bibliotekos
"Pain and Memory" (collection)

"We first conceived of the theme medical humanities, and we anticipated a collection that would include medical doctors and other health care practitioners. We did receive submissions from those directly involved in health care, but by far the most gripping submissions were those by poets and prose writers, people without any medical education. The literary art of exploring human feeling, and not the medical or scientific art of detached, clinical observation, is what finally came to dominate the volume.”
- Fredericka A. Jacks, publisher; Gregory F. Tague, editor

book link: Pain and Memory - Editions Bibliotekos
Gregory F. Tague in BluePrintReview #20: Consistency of Milk

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