story collection, 2010

in transit
by Dorothee Lang

road stories + city scenes
crossings, arrivals, encounters & departures
west -> east, berlin -> miami, a -> b

& all those states in between

- germany
- europe
- usa
- asia

- "Berlin, Alexanderplatz" (a timeline in city scenes, feature story in eclectica)
-"The Buddha, the Dharma & The Sangha" (runner up winner in the Transitions Abroad travel writing contest)
+ poetry + visuals + maps


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What other authors say about 'in transit':

“Like her travels, Dorothee Lang's language moves from the center outward, accumulating & revising as it wanders & walks & treads, bringing the world to life through these stories & poems, re-envisioning our place in this place.”
.............- J. A. Tyler, author of Inconceivable Wilson


"Dorothee Lang's in transit uses sense as sonar, bouncing waves off the natural and manmade world to image the fluidity of our existence. Like Dogen's Moon in a Dewdrop, in transit quietly feasts on the beauty of minutiae, showing time and again that what often goes unnoticed represents a microcosm, a history, an indelible connectedness that deserves our attention.
.............- Mel Bosworth, author of When the
....................Cats Razzed the Chickens


Notes on the process

- notes on the process (with photos) .

- author homepage Dorothee Lang