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some paperback suggestions for your reading pleasure. all the books are from, are edited by or are including texts from BluePrintReview contributors.

books of BluePrintReview contributors:


34thParallel Issue 2

"We get the scoop from the editors of Skive, Mud Luscious, BluePrintReview, Hobart and 55 Words—interviews with the editors of the hottest indie journals around!"

paperback: $11.00
download: $5.00
website: 34thParallel

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel
Second Floor
216 pages of poetry
that explores the multi-faceted aspects of desire and appeal.

paperback: $16.99

website: The Bedside Guide
Night Falling
Martin Chipperfield
a novel in poetic free verse

paperback: $12.95

book page: night falling

eeeee eee eeee
Tao Lin

a novel - Melville House

paperback: $14.95

website: eeeee-eee-eeee


70 unique momentary and monumental pieces by 30 authors from 5 continents

paperback: $11.85
e-book: $3.95

website: mo(nu)ment

The Lost American
Michael Lee Johnson

Poetry Collection

paperback: $13.93
e-book: $6.00

book page: The Lost American

blueprintreview: Bipolar

We needed a night out
Timothy Gager

Poetry Collection - Cyberwit Press

paperback: $10.00
Cyberwit: We needed a night out
author webpage: books

blueprintreview: cynical moon poems

the sometimes girl
Lisa Zaran

Poetry Collection - Inner Circle Publishing

paperback: $14.00
via Amazon: the sometimes girl

blueprintreview: Naming

CautionaryTale Best of 2006

Stories, verse, essays, and more, from 23 writers, fresh out of the oven!

paperback: $10.00
via Lulu: CautionaryTale BestOf

edited by Eric Wrisley,
tumble tumble, The Balloon Capital of the World

Jonesing for Byzantium
L. Ward Abel

Poetry Collection - UKA Press

paperback: $14.99
via Amazon: Jonesing for Byzantium

blueprintreview: things continue

Gerald George
a poetry collection

paperback: $8,19
via Lulu: Findings

blueprintreview: bluebonnet, the day i tripped with jerry garcia,

Masala Moments
Dorothee Lang
a travel novel from India

Lulu online price: $12.50
book page: Masala Moments

editor blueprintreview
website: blueprint21

Max and the Gang of Five
Helen Ellis
a cat novel, Zeus Publications

240 pages, $AU 22.95
website: Max and the Gang of Five

blueprintreview: Mull of Kintyre

Human Cathedrals
John Sweet
poetry collection,
Ravenna Press

paperback: 80 pages, $10.00
website: Human Cathedrals

blueprintreview: ghost sonnet


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