following the november sky, the blueprintreview turns to the sunless side of life with this issue, and features a late night deejay story, a midnight poem, a morning after tale -  and a whole series of nocturnal photos from different takers.

probably also induced by the longer hours of darkness, there are more memories and reflections, most of them about writing. together, their passages form a swift timeline from the days of xeroxed lit magazines and daguerreotyped photos to the present world of digital images, web blogs, november novel writing forums, and e-zines.

the suggested reading time for this issue, of course, is after sunset :-)

happy winter!


Gary Beck, New York
Elaine Chiew, U.K. - more
Martin Chipperfield, Adelaide - 34thParallel
Jeff Crouch, Texas - more

Jónas Knútsson, Iceland - more

Tao Lin, NY - reader of depressing books
Sheila Lynne, Georgia -
Scarlets Walk
Nicholas Messenger, New Zealand
Lisa Reade, Boston - the vigilant lily
Christina Rosalie, webland - my topograpy
Peter Schwarz, Maine - Sitrah Ahra
Christine Stoddard, Virginia - about & more
Christian Tuempling, NY - photographs
Michael K. White, Colorado - stories
Steve Wing, Florida - sand shadow
Diana J. Wynne, California - The Daily Interface

Dorothee Lang, Germany -

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