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Edition #13 will be hosted by writer and Lebenskünstler Christopher Allen. A native Tennessean, Christopher has lived in Germany (and London) for more than fifteen years. He's an editor at the litzine Metazen and blogs at I Must Be Off! The feature theme for Edition #13 is "Lost in Translation: The Humo(u)r Edition":

"We all know that humour is the hardest part of language ot translate. What's your experience? How is humour bound to place and language? Your submission could be humorously philosophical, philologically ridiculous, topographically ironic, humoro-topographical (yeah, I made that one up) or just silly. If you write humour, SUBMIT! If you just think you're funny, SUBMIT! If your mother has told you you're funny, SUBMIT! You can submit a blog post, photos, poetry, limericks (well, maybe not limericks)."

Edition #13 is planned for mid-January



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