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about issue two²

"or to make it simple: make it 2.” – that was the key line of the call for issue 25. curious, i waited for texts and images of the “2” kind. and received: two-way poems. stories inside stories. 2-layer photos. poems in 2 parts. second-hand clips of life. and so much more twosome goodness.

the first threesome of twos is on now, kicking in with The Scream, Fire on the Other Side, Pre-Cell Observations in 2 Parts – and with a spin of complementary colors.

here is the door to “two²”: blueprintreview issue 25

this issue goes live in sequences again, check out the blog for a (color)full contributor roundabout with 2 links per person, and for some figured clues to editing blueprintreview: blueprint blog

& for some more blueprint reading joy, check out the new blueprint micro novels : there are - you guessed it - 2 of them: “My Apartment” by Michael K. White and “The Republic of Love” by Nora Nadjarian: blueprintpress_micronovel

new “two”s will pop up every couple of days, check back or just follow the announcements on twitter and facebook.

enjoy the blueprints of 2
& have a double-happy august~~


two notes
reflections, links, backstory, quotes etc.

the idea for the "two²" issue
popped up while working on the previous micro cosmos issue, here a quote from a blog note:

next issue: two²
as it turned out, the micro cosmos issue developedd a second, unplanned underlying thematic layerr: figures+numbers. there were stories composed out of 3 sub-stories, and out of 5 sub-stories. there was a story tryptich. a 3-way mirror. a four radius.
following up on this structural theme, the next issue of blueprintreview will have the theme "two²" - with 2 being the concept both in a formal, and in a thematic way.

(more details on this, in the micro cosmos note I , second thought: "three, and 2, 4, 5, 6". the quote is from micro cosmos note II )


blueprintreview editor
Dorothee Lang, Germany -
blueprint21 / blog
contact: editor AT blueprintreview DOT de


the 4 concepts of this e-zine
1) texts and images are from unrelated places
2) themes for future issues develop through the work on the current issue.
3) there is no deadline or timetable - an issue goes online when it feels complete
4) all rules can be broken


Hiermit distanziere ich mich ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller externer Links auf dieser Website. Diese Erklärung gilt für alle auf der "BluePrintReview"- Homepage angebrachten weiterführenden inks, und umfasst auch das zugehörige Blog "just a moment"



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