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issue 25 additions

re: two²

this page is a space for related links and thoughts and extras that come up during the editing + launch phase of the two² issue. it's a page in progress - check back.

1) issue feedback + notes

2) contributor roundabout + blog roll

3) 50/50 or: on editing blueprintreview

4) numerology

5) "two"-stories elsewhere


1) issue feedback + notes

blueprint blog note:
some feedback from week 1 of blueprintreview two², including 2 web-loops

contributor blog notes:

- Jean Morris on blueprintreview and the combination of her image "Two2" with Susan Gibb's story "Descriptions": "I like the story a lot, and I like the mind that put these two together, teasing out the shared themes of melancholy, distance and surprising affinity."
..the whole blog entry: two2

- Rose Hunter on her poem "Aposematic / Grey", and Brad Rose's "Scream" + the poetry of Tyler Cobb: "This is speaking to me today."
.. the whole blog entry: Preamble/Blueprintreview/Goodies


first feedback via mail:
"Just wanted you to know this looks AWESOME!
Love the first 3 and what great artwork, too. Been gone all day and what a joy to read this in my mailbox. Peace..." - Linda Simoni-Wastila (via mail)

"I am having real problems with intnernet here (the saga continues) but I managed to have a look at this last night before it booted me off - I can see why you were so excited about this issue! You've really made the theme work I think. So interesting. Already I love your Eos image too.  Just wanted to get that off quick to you, before I get bumped again!"
- Rose Hunter (via mail)


2) contributor roundabot + blog roll

there is a contributor roundabout up in the blog, the prompt for it was "this summer" + "recently published work" -
check it out here: two² contributor roundabout

there also is an
contributor blog roll. new contributors will be added. the blog roll is included in the blueprintreview blog, underneath the twitter / facebook / lit links in the navigation bar


3) 50/50 or: on editing blueprintreview

earlier this year, the Luna Park editors started a series titled " Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality in Indie Publishing".

i now took part in the series, and talk about editing BluePrintReview, the gender balance of the magazine, and also about general / and personal aspects of race / class / gender and categorization:

Luna Park series: Tag Poc 50/50, or The Complexities and Effects of Categorization


4) 2 numerology

Chinese Numerology
The number 2 (Pinyin : èr or liang) is a good number in Chinese culture. There is a Chinese saying "good things come in pairs". It is common to use double symbols in product brandnames, e.g. double happiness, double coin, double elephants etc. In Cantonese , two (jyutping: yi 6 ) is a homophone of the character for "easy".


5) 2-stories / formats elsewhere

Union of Opposites
flash stories, "52/250 A Year of Flash" project

Mutating the Signature
collaborate works, qarrtsiluni theme issue



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