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meta cosmos / about the image

I took this image through a shatter-proof shattered window downtown Vancouver overlooking the street and buildings. I think of it as: the fractured glass is language, the prism through which we refract our world into words. Behind (or under) language is the world, us and our reality which inevitably gets distorted when broken up in bits to be re-assembled through language. Hence, the two cosmoses.

The other image that I included in my micro cosmos submission is of flowers, taken while the camera is in motion. The way one might take them from a train window perhaps. It is spring :-)

I know these will not be matched with my story "The Math Exam". Yet, I could not help myself, I kept finding the connections. We are such pattern seeking and pattern finding creatures.

- Daniela Elza (Strange Places)


note from the editor:

the flower picture also is part of the micro cosmos, you can find it when you visit Our Vernal Ties.

BluePrintReview - issue 24 - micro cosmos