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As I Awake In Silent Walk

The shower next door is ranting 
A garbage truck gargles its breakfast 
The Air-Kappelmeister in the room beneath 
Leads Wagner through morning's early dark 

The Metro shrieks a rabid sigh in the distance 
A window shutters to close across the way 
The newspaper couple chatter below 
As they pin yesterday's bloody events to the doors 

But I awake in silent walk  
As I have heard these sounds 

All of a thousand days before 

  * * * * * * * 

  The bath in our apartment was cascading  
  The breakfast sizzled on the stove 
  Mozart floated through the air 
  Of morning's earliest light 

  A bakery truck chugged smells of fresh heaven 
  As our windows were eased wide open 
  The early school-kids laughed with delight  
  Off to learn of the day's wonder world 

  I awoke in joyous walk 
  Inhaling every sound 

  Was it ten thousand days ago? 

  * * * * * * * 

My shower echoes only to me 
My breakfast awaits untill lunch 

As I awake in silent walk 


words: Walter Bjorkman, Maryland (more + more)
image: 'Glisan Street' - Peg Duthie, Tennessee (Chrysanthemum)


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