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I could make an excuse

I could tell you no

I could ask you to stop,

but what fun would that be?

The only thing holding me back

is that damn voice; that damn tick

tic tick – the clicking, flicking light bulb.

It hurts. It’s good. It’s okay.

I’ll ask for more next time …

I won’t even hesitate. I won’t even cry.

The cries stopped long ago. They’re not mine.

They disappeared. They failed. So. What.

I gave in, I agreed to sin.

I cried then… now I just plead.

Need. It’s a need. I need it to plead.

It’s in want where I bleed.

Seductive addiction, fill me.


words: Jennifer Jackson Whitley, Georgia (Spilt Milk)
image: 'The Bow' - Karyn Eisler, Canada (Living ?s) + about 'The Bow'


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BluePrintReview - issue 23 - (dis)comfort zones