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Lost, Found, Dead + Alive

Online Literary Magazines

connected to the "re/visit” issue of blueprintreview, i did some research on the first online literary magazines around, especially those that aren't online anymore. while following their trail, i also came across some 'historic' tidbits, texts and articles. here are some notes + links, in 3 parts:

1) Retrieved Literary Magazines

2) A bit of history + first online mags that are still alive

3) Articles + Essays


1) Retrieved Literary Magazines
the first surprise: some of the 'lost' online literary magazines (magazines that went offline, and were considered lost, together with all their content) are still there in parts, in the web archives of the Waybackmachine:

Blue Moon Review (1995-2004)
one of the oldest online literary magazines
(+ goodbye note with archive links)

Makar (1995-1997)
monthly e-journal of poetry

Recursive Angel (1995-1999)
an excursion into the poetics of the mind

Surgery of Modern Warfare (2001-2004)
a little experiment called surgery (+ goodbye note)

Dicey Brown (2002-2006)
fiction, poetry, photography and art

Whalelane (2002-2003)
a journal of writing, the visual arts + experimental formats

poetic inhalation (2003-2005)
a monthly journal of art + literature

The Surface (2003-2005)
online arts magazine and gallery

Artistry of Life (2004-2006)
an online literary magazine

Turk Magazine (2005-2006)
be happy in the void

Void Magazine (2006-2008)
you are what you read


2) A bit of history + first online mags that are still alive

In 1991, with the invention of browsers and the implementation of domains, the Internet became what is now known as the WWW - the World Wid Web. The digitalization of content revolutionized communication, media and commerce, leading to the development of web-compatible products and new methods of distribution.

Soon, the first online literary magazine appeared. Among those dating back to the early years and still online/running are:

- CrossConnect (1995)

- Eclectica (1995)

- 5Trope (1996)

- The Barcelona Review (1998)

- Failbetter (2000)

- 3AM Magazine (2000)

- Identity Theory (2000):

- McSweeney's Internet Tendency (2000)


3) Articles + Essays

To round up the theme, some links to articles about printed and online literary magazines:

Long Live Fiction: A Guide to Fiction Online
"I went in search of the new fiction. I wanted to see its extent, the borders of its world. I wanted to do a little cartography to glimpse the map of our conversation with ourselves." - David Backer, published in The Millions, 2010

The Death of Fiction?
"Lit mags were once launching pads for great writers and big ideas. Is it time to write them off?" - Ted Genoways, published in Mother Jones, 2010

From Page to Pixel: The Evolution of Online Journals
a look at the current online market: "The barriers are coming down. Selections from online magazines are now regularly included in the Best American Series of annual anthologies. Modern writers are increasingly defined by the work they have available online."
- Sandra Beasley, published in Poets & Writers 2009

Transcend and Include: Fictionaut and the Future of the Literary Magazine
"This new layer of interaction -- unthinkable without the Internet – transcends and includes the traditional model of what a literary magazine can be. The revolutionary mindset demands that the new displace established structures, but evolution implies an increase in complexity that creates room for both." - Jürgen Fauth, published in The Huffington Post, 2009

Structuring the Intangible - Literary e-zines and their layout / Edward Picot
a reflection on print and online layouts, and the ways the medium shapes the message, originally published in PN Review March/April '02

A Sorcery of Circuitry: Behind the Screens of Online Magazines
the shape of literary magazines on the Web, as perceived in 2003: "As more and more literary journals develop online counterparts to enhance, complement, and extend the presence of their print editions, editors—despite their love of the physical object—are finding new ways to take advantage of the cost-effective and virtually boundless medium." - Katherine Swiggart, published in Poets & Writers, 2003



xeroxed / Michael K. White
the indie lit and rock scene before the time of the internet, originally published in blueprintreview #14

I was a Zine Editor / Brian Greene
memories of the indie lit zine scene, from the editor of the magazines Dodobobo and The Pistol

Eyeshot is 7'5'', 297 lbs, Blushing, Swervy, Salivicious, Aquarian / Lee Klein
a quick history of the semi-literary website known as "Eyeshot", including a quick history of the first wave of e-nthusiasm and literary e-zines.

Me, Reading: My Years at the Antioche Review - An excerpt from a memoir-in-progress / Gary Percesepe
"Summer vacations, I would take two bags of stories with me to the beach at Montauk..."


in memory of lost words

Tiny Skeletons / Scott Thouard
"This haven of the hoarded word is beyond my reach..."


this page is under construction.

if you come across an archive link to a lost online magazine via the Waybackmachine or another archive, then drop me a mail (editor AT blueprintreview DOT de; put "RE_MAGS:" in subject line) - same goes for articles about the development of literary magazines. then i will add the link to the list.



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