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Invite to join a new blog carnival, theme:

> Language > Place

looking for authors/bloggers who are interested in joining a blog carnival with a focus on language / place: bilingual authors, bloggers who are living outside their mother language country, or who are learning a new language, etc.

the concept of a blog carnival in a nutshell: there's a given theme, and to join, you put up a relating blog post in your blog, and then send the link to the host of the carnival who then puts a central page with links to all participating blogs / posts together.

the clue of it: the blog who hosts the carneval isn't fixed, but rotating. it's almost like an online-magazine, but de-central: a branching out into web, instead of gathering all in one spot. and of course, if you click through it, you get to visit the different blogs, with additional content in it. as example, here's the central page of the blog carnival Festival of Trees, and here's a carnival definition.


guidelines for > Language > Place

blog post themes: anything that connects to language and place, can be a personal note, a poem, photography, a travelogue, a memory, a video, a flash story, a moment of (mis)understanding...

the idea of "> Language > Place" is to create a collaborate virtual journey through different places, in different formats, and with different languages included the main language is english, yet the idea is that every post also includes snippets or terms of other languages, and refers to a specific place (country / region / city).

the carnival will be monthly, at the 15th of each month

- first carnival: Monday, 15th November

- deadline: Tuesday, 9th November

- host of the 1st carnival: blueprintreview editor Dorothee Lang, whose mother language is German, and who blogs in virtual notes

notes on the process
some notes on the process and first carnival links are now up here: virtual notes / blog carnival

to join the > language > place carnival:

1) put a blog entry together

2) send an e-mail to "Doro AT blueprint21 DOT de", and include the link to your blog entry, and a brief description of your language/place contribution (1-2 sentences)

3) put "> language carnival" in the header

4) if you are interested in hosting the December carnival, add a note in your mail.

frequently asked questions (or rather: questions + answers along the way)

I don't have a blog. Can I still join?
- if you don't have a blog, but like to join, you could join by using the blog-service posterous, which allows to create single pages without registration. or start a blog with blogger, or with tumblr, another easy-to-use-blog.

Do they have to be new blog posts, or could I contribute one from my archives? 
- yes, you can also send the link to a blog post from the archive

Can I create a new blog and participate with that, and call it "language carnival"?
- you can create a new blog to join, but to avoid confusion, maybe give it a different title - carnival is the sum of all participating blogs.

"I want to join, but not sure if I can make the deadline."
No worries - the carnival will take place ever month, so you can just send something for the next edition (planned for December 15).
(hint: the door to the carnival will remain open for a day or two after the deadline)


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