once upon a time (or more precisely: in June 2006), blueprintpress published its first paperback. at that point, blueprintreview had been in existence for 6 issues, and the question that hung in the air was: "What happens when the online concept of blueprintreview is transformed into print?"

the answer took the shape of a mo(nu)ment - a print issue that followed the concept of the online issues of blueprintreview: a call for submissions, a given theme, fiction + poetry + art combined.

for 2007, the plan was to take this idea one step further. the next question in line was: "What happens when a number of authors take a theme, and collaborate while writing?"

turned out, the question triggered an answer that delayed all further blueprintpress plans: the work on a possible collection of connected stories turned into a full-size collaborative novel, working title: 2028.

the authors participating in this project originated both from the online issues, and from the mo(nu)ment paperback. here's a bit more about the project: 2028 - a world novel.

fast forward to summer 2009 and the completion of said novel. by that time, it was clear that the route to take for this project was the classic query/agent/publisher way.

parallel to that, another project took shape - from concept, the very counterpart to collaborative writing and querying: a chapbook, printed here, put together by hand, and mailed directly: in transit.

yet again, the idea transformed. the chapbook turned into a collection, too large for home-made. plus, some new book-postage-regulations were issued, which cut down the options to mail chapbooks. together, this brought back the idea of blueprintpress. and for starters, for this project, a print-on-demand route.

in transit is completed now, the book page for it is here: in transit.

in transit will also be a pathfinder - the trial-and-error project for additional publishing / distribution options. that was the second reason to publish this collection under the blueprintpress-label.

and it's good that it took a bit to figure it all out: the home-made detour brought a whole string of side effects. it shaped the in transit collection. it brought some first hands-on-saddle-stitching experience. and, influenced by the current trend towards flash / twitter / micro - fiction, and by the theme of issue #24 of BluePrintReview: 'micro cosmos', it delivered a new question:

"What happens if the idea of handmade is combined with the reduced economy options of mailing books and the micro cosmos theme?"

the answer to this is: "micro-novels": books that are hand-made, and fit in an air-mail envelope. in spring, blueprintpress called for micro novels.

27 authors followed the call and sent a micro manuscript. it was a joy to read through the different stories, which ranged from historic to futuristic. and it wasn't easy to move from long list to short list, and then to the final 2 micro novels to be pulished.

the blueprint micro novels for summer 2010 are:

My Apartment
by Michael K. White

The Republic of Love
by Nora Nadjarian

more about the concept of micro novels, below, and more about "The Republic of Love" and "My Apartment", here:
micro novel details, excerpts + order info