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how i grew smaller
bl pawelek


when young, i day counted one after next. predictable and anxious. hope and opportunity on the small addition of moon and then sun driving blood to growth.



contained potential; constrained the frustration of leash and next. the hind legs in air, shakey and grasping. waiting for the last word, the next approval.


[a 2 +b 2 =c 2 ]

by doubling and joining, the square and sum on line resulting in strength beauty and greek. ignorant hope and dreamy silliness. the animals, fed by hand and smoothed, i walked to their deaths.


[x=-b+-sqb 2 -4ac/2a]

the solution difficult, the proof stabilizing. i am no longer real, the double walks the same path. the graph and method proved newton's point we need a better zero.


[N=100/2 n ]

i will never go away, i will only grow down. percentaged and precision cut. the common decay takes to my atoms, completes the set rate of no change. i exist and half myself. i am not as unstable as you.


words: bl pawelek, Wisconsin (homepage)
image: 'Powerline Geometry' - Steve Wing, Florida (about & more)


another percentaged cut: Faith (#21)



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