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The Process & Bios

Notes on "Short Cuts"
by Catherine Davis and Marcus Speh

Marcus, inspired by the notion of “Synergetic Transformations,” invited Catherine to collaborate. He narrowed the several photographs offered by Catherine to two; they then settled at the intersection of their mutual Francophile proclivities, and Marcus responded to the photograph with a story.

Their first attempt at producing notes on the process turned into another fiction, in which each explains the other to a pair of policemen – the inspiration for such being Marcus's suggestion “what color is his/her toothbrush?” – of green card interview infamy. Their previous venture is the fiction “Sniper” accompanied by the photo “Abandonment” for One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins.


Editor's Note:
There also is a Short Cuts version with Markups, and some "process markups": a copy&past of e-mails between collaborateurs and editor



Marcus Speh is a writer, ex-particle physicist, professor, executive coach, web head, father, fictionaut, former fencer and paratrooper, cur­rent maitre d' of the  kaffe in katmandu  and curator of the  One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins  project, who lives in Berlin and blogs at  Nothing To Flawnt .

Catherine Davis writes under the influence of the Barthelme schools of fiction and nonfiction. Her writing may be seen currently at 52/250 A Year of Flash, kaffe in katmandu, Short Fast and Deadly, and Clutching at Straws, and has received the Joan Johnson Award in Fiction. She is a sometime set decorator in the film business, with credits ranging from We Own the Night, to Brokeback Mountain, to Blue Velvet. She also takes photographs. Catherine commutes between Columbia, South Carolina and Manhattan.


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