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Cathy Douglas started writing a few years ago, for no particular reason, and immediately started having far too much fun to quit. After a couple years of figuring out what she was doing, she started submitting a few things, and has so far gotten lucky with a few poems, stories, and nonfiction pieces published or accepted. She's trying her hand at a few longer works as well. In real life, Cathy is a wife and mom living in Madison, Wisconsin. After homeschooling her two sons for many years, she now works at a metaphysical shop downtown. If she's not at work or writing, she's probably outside--running, biking, birdwatching, or trying to tame her garden.

Webpage: Cathy's Page


The photo
This was one of those late in the day, omigod-you're-not-taking-my-picture-NOW photos, taken with a crappy throw-away camera the CVS clerk warned us not to buy. And I love it!


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