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BluePrintReview Issue 25 - two²

a resistance : Pre-Cell Observations in 2 Parts

a two-way walk at sunset: The Scream

a twin boulder: How to Burn Years e

a you + I: aposematic / grey e

an exchange: Descriptions

a flipping: the 2 sides

a closing: Almostw

a shape: dual_

a wake: dream girl

a contrast: Two Too

a story inside: Every town

a look: Second-hand Video-cam

a return to a place: A Glimpse of Color..

a sideways gaze: dinner for 2 in Vacation town

a two-sided story: That's The Way It Ought To Be

a pattern: the bookcases need cleaning or sometimes

_~ ~ ~

authors & artists & their two²:
Michael K. White, Marcia Arrieta, Ray Scanlon,
Michael Brandonisio,
Sheldon Lee Compton, Smitha Murthy,
Karyn Eisler
, Claire Ibarra (+more), Eckhard Gerdes,
Molly Sutton Kiefer,
Linda Simoni-Wastila
Z.Z. Boone, Changming Yuan, Kirsty Logan,
Michelle Elvy, Rose Hunter (+more), Kim Keith,
Susan Gibb (+more), satnrose, Jean Morris, bl pawelek
Jeff Crouch, Brad Rose, Steve Wing (+more),
Suzanne Marie Hopcroft
, Tyler Cobb, Justin Kern

: Dorothee Lang (blueprint21)


"BluePrint Review is an online journal constructed to ease the complex and beautiful convergence of language and art and all the possibilities this entails." - NewPages.com

Dzanc Best of Web 2010 - 'Nostrum' by Michelle Reale
storySouth Top10 story 2009 - 'The Library' by Jolie Braun
Sundress Best of Net 2007 - 'The Women of My Father' by LaTanya McQueen



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BluePrintReview - issue 25 - two²