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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
from the window of the Omni William Penn Hotel

Author's Note


“Descriptions” was inspired by the 100 Days Project. There are thirty people involved in the project this year (the 3rd year of the project): artists, photographers, writers, cinematographers, poets, cooks, analysts, and more, all of whom are dedicating some part of each day to producing a work inspired by John Timmons' film clips or something sparked by another artist's interpretation of the piece.

The story "Descriptions" was sparked by John Timmons' video "self-portrait (episode 1)".

I'm finding the early morning kick of viewing the short bits of film, the freedom to interpret, and the discipline of a deadline to be an excellent incentive to keep the imagination active and the words spilling out into mainly flash fiction. What's been fun to do is either find an image from my personal file or take a photo to fit the story. Maybe because of the hypertext stories that I produced in the 2009 summer project it just seems strange to be done with each before night-time. That's probably what drove the creation of images and added to the fun.

Above, the original picture combined with the story in my project blog (which is password-protected).

- Susan M. Gibb


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