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2 transformations

taxi thoughts & paper monsters

Peter Schwartz sent this version of the "taxi thoughts" photo earlier this year, and i knew i wanted it for the micro cosmos issue. a bit later, he mailed with the news that his chapbook is out now: Old Men, Girls + Mosters, from Achilles Press.

images and words settling into their homes, it felt.

then both the image and the chapbook started to transform, in surprise ways. here the story, as mail-copy-and-paste:


mail from Peter Schwartz
12. May

Sometimes miracles come from strange places. Totally out of the blue, artist Nicelle Davis took it upon herself to make artwork that featured and illustrated some words from one of my poems. I thought you well-seeing people might like to see so here it is: Dissecting the Paper Monster by Nicelle Davis
Thanks, and keep flossing.
Your Humble Servant,
- Peter


mail back from Dorothee Lang
19. May

thanks for sending the link to the Nicelle Davis' transformed version of your chapbook. amazing. good things come from out of the blue :)

here's another miracle moment: i now worked on the next pages of the blueprintreview issue - one is the page with your photo "taxi thoughts", it's planned to go live this friday. now this is what happened: i opened the original file again, which is huge size. and gmail showed a crop of it first. which looked amazing. so i now tried this, have a look:

i would like to include this version, if it's okay with you - and then add an extra page with the full photo, and a note. let me know what you think about it.
and how about adding the pank-paper-monster-link in the footnote?
Regengrüße~ / (rain greetings)
- Dorothee


mail from Peter Schwartz
20. May

Thanks, sure, use both images!
Oh and yeah sure, that would be cool if you put a link to that monster!

BluePrintReview - issue 24 - micro cosmos