f this zine was a teenager, 15 would be the time of questioning rules, of reading forbidden books, of gazing into the mirror, wondering about the shapes of life. seen like that, it perfectly fits that the issue starts with a formula to solve the oblique, then steps into a desert, into an old house, into a green mood, to turn into a dream - and return into another world, as a star abandoned, folding and unfolding on, shaping and reshaping.

a curiosity of this issue: it comes with a number of unplanned pairings. there are 2 house poems, 2 café stories, 2 afternoon scenes, 2 authors from the Philippines, 2 from Canada. plus, almost all visual artists contributed 2 images. and there are 2 additional links this time  news. and: more than 1. which could be the subtitle of the issue itself.

enjoy the shapes of life!



Marcia Arrieta, California - indefinite space
Cecilia Austin, Philippines - clearcandy daily
Bart Azare, Belgium - flickr gallery
Sita Carboni, Canada - Pandora's Collective
Jeff Crouch, Texas - more
Rodrigo V. Dela Peña Jr., Philippines
Elle Driscoll, Australia - captured
Michael Estarbook, Massachusetts
Helen Ellis, Australia
John Grey, Rhode Island - What Else Is There
Daniel Hudon, Boston - about
Margot Miller, Maryland - Margot Miller
Bonnie Nish, Canada -
Pandora's Collective
Uzodinma Okehi, New York
J.A. Tyler, Colorado - aboutjatyler
Steve Wing, Florida - sand shadow

Dorothee Lang, Germany -

more words and pictures
from the contributors and the editor
can be found online in just a moment
and printed in the book shelf

to submit
send moments and moods
in poetry or prose or picture
to: doro21 AT gmail DOT com

the 4 concepts of this e-zine
1) texts and images are from unrelated places
2) there is no given theme - each issue develops its own theme through submissions
3) there is no deadline or timetable - an issue goes online when it feels complete
4) all rules can be broken


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