turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read: stories & poetry

Million Writers
Web Anthology, Story South

Mexico - Guatemala - Costa Rica - Panama
Efrat Havusha, travel diary

Chaco Canyon
L. Ward Abel in ducts

In Search of a Line from Annie Hall
Corey Mesler in Cautionary Tale

more reads: in short and in print


to write

juked #5
juked is looking for works of fiction
that run at least 2000 words

print issue juked
deadline: July 31

55 words
send your best stab at a 55 word story.
make it vivid. if you'd like to include your artwork,
make sure it is smaller than 300 pixels
guest story page of birdandmoon

literature from and about asia
Cha, a new online journal,
looks for poetry, fiction, non-fiction
from or about asia

debut issue Cha
submit: now for Fall/Winter 2007

Women: Dark & Light
theme issue - send prose,
poetry and art to artistry of life
deadline: September 15

2008 Mississippi Review Prize
fiction entries 1000-5000 words,
poetry entries: 3 poems
each entrant receives a copy of the issue
Prize Print Issue Mississippi Review
deadline: October 1, fee: 15$


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