issue #12 - a turn of time

the realization that June 21st would be the perfect day for issue #12 to go live came just a day before it, with the turn to the calendar. a tiny, huge word was printed there, next to the twenty-one: solstice. the day when the sun stands still in declination. the day before it turns its direction, and with it, brings a turn of time. just like the pages of the new issue.
“turn the time, turn the page”, the 12 says. and moves from a walk towards summer to a surrender, from a stay through a timeline to a returning place, taking a new turn, a shift, maybe.

Marcia Arrieta, California - indefinite space

Jeff Crouch, Texas - more
Inge Flessa-Glauner, Germany - touch the blue
Brian Greene, North Carolina
Michael Lee Johnson, Chicago
Cathrine Lødøen, Norway - snapshots
Sheila Lynne, Georgia - Scarlets Walk
LaTanya McQueen, North Carolina
Nicholas Messenger, New Zealand
Smitha Murthy, India - lifewordsmith
Ria, Dubai - dubai yuki
J.D. Riso, US / Poland - blog
Christine Stoddard, Virginia - about & more
Ludowika Swoboda, Austria
Michael K. White, Colorado
Steve Wing, Florida - sand shadow
Diana J. Wynne, California - The Daily Interface

Dorothee Lang, Germany -
oil on copper

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