a Blue interview with J.D. Riso

Wisdom can come
from the most unlikely of places,
even the adult entertainment industry.


What's the theme of "Blue"?

Blue is a novel that explores the fine line between sexual exploration and exploitation.   


Can you give a short description of the story?

Blue tells the story of Blue Rivers, who, as the offspring of rape and revenge, has one dream - to start her life over. She meets Kevin, a man with a twisted idea of the perfect woman. When he takes an interest in her, she vows to become his dream girl. Blue becomes an exotic dancer at the Pink Palace, a rundown strip joint in an industrial neighborhood of San Diego. Kevin, however, isn't satisfied. When his demands become increasingly hardcore, Blue is forced to choose between his love and her own limits. 


What inspired you to write this book?

I'd met a few women who had been in relationships with sex addicts.  For some reason, they trusted me enough to share their stories with me.  Blue is a completely fabricated character, but her situation parallels that of so many women who are ashamed to seek help for sexually abusive relationships.  I was also an exotic dancer for a short time.  I wanted to show that world as it really is - both the glamour and the seediness. 


How long did it take to write the novel?

I wrote the first draft in three months, but I revised it many times over the course of four years.


What are you working on right now?

Right now, I'm taking a bit of a break from writing while I get settled in my new home - Poland.  But I have drafts of two more novels.  One is autobiographical about growing up with a schizophrenic father, and the other one is a historical novel about the Countess de Castiglione. 

I'm also very excited about a collaborative project - a photo book - I recently worked on with an incredibly talented group of artists and musicians who are based in upstate New York.  Its based on the very popular blog  Potentially Nervous , which is a collection of whimsical rabbit photos.  The photographer, Alice in Wonderland (Patricia Rubinelli), created the blog as a way for people to de-stress. As she says, "The world's going to hell!  Here are some bunny photos." I'm absolutely thrilled to be one of the writers. The book should be out soon.


What are your favourite books / authors?

Skin by Kathe Koja
Dalva by Jim Harrison
Look at Me by Jennifer Egan


Some links you want to share?

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J.D. Riso ..on the road

Link to a very good review:
Blue by J.D. Riso

  Link to the publisher:
Murphy's Law Press

Blue can also be bought at Lulu,
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