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Feedback edition #5

David Backer (New York)
"This is a new way to present literature: create an emergent literary journal without creating a new website by linking and re-presenting posts that have already been published on personal blogs." (more)

Brigita Orel (Slovenia)
".. there are some fantastic poems, essays and photos in this Museum of Language & Place." (more)

Michelle Elvy (New Zealand)
"... walking through the exhibit rooms, where you'll find works by Jean Morris, Gwen Williams, Dave Bonta, Michael Dickel, Brigita Orel, David Backer, Michael Solender, Rose Hunter, Linda Hofke, Christopher Bowen, Dorothee Lang, Nicolette Wong, Julia K. Davies, Steve Wing, Laurie Kolp, and Elizabeth Adams." (more)

Nicolette Wong (Hong Kong)
"As the host of edition #2, I'm thrilled to see the carnival evolving and floating around the world."

Dave Bonta (Pennsylvania)
"Each link in this blog carnival gets its own page or exhibit, to be accurate, since Parmanu terms it a Museum of Language and Place. I've looked at hundreds if not thousands of blog carnival editions over the years, and I don't think I've ever seen one this lovingly done, not even at I and the Bird , which is legendary for the creativity of its editions." (more)

Laurie Kolp (Texas)
"Webster's Standard Dictionary defines carnival as "a time of merrymaking; a local festival; a traveling show..." (more)

Linda Hofke (USA/Germany)
"What's neat is that since the hosts continually change, so does the format. Every issue is a new adventure..." (more)

Jean Morris (London)
"The edition takes the blog carnival to a whole new conceptual level. I'm so completely delighted to be part of this." (more)

Dorothee Lang (Germany)
"Sunday. And i just visited the next rooms of the  new language + place carnival  - which comes in the shape of a museum for this edition." (more)



edition #5
hosted by Parmanu
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edition #4
hosted by Jean Morris
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edition #3
hosted by Michael J. Solender in Not From Here, Are You

edition #2
hosted by Nicolette Wong in Meditations in an Emergency

edition #1
hosted by Dorothee Lang
in virtual notes


edition #6 will be hosted by Michelle Elvy, theme: "language and place on the edge", submissions will be open ~ 15.4.-15.5. details


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