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issue 28 additions

re: challenge

this page is a space for related links and thoughts and extras that come up during the editing + launch phase of the challenge issue. it's a page in progress - check back.

1) challenge call + editing notes

2) list of contributors + blog roll

3) feedback


1) challenge call + editing notes

the original call for submissions:

"Submissions are now open & invited for the next issue of BluePrintReview: the "Challenge" issue.

Please note: after the unplanned focus on poetry in #27 of BluePrintReview, the focus will be on short stories + creative non-fiction this time.

Some possible takes on the theme
the nature of challenge / the challenges we register for freely, and the ones that are handed to us by life / to challenge the status quo
/ challenge & growth / to be physically challenged / race, gender, class and identity as a challenge, etc."

notes on the issue: the challenge idea, May 2011


2) list of contributors + blog roll

there are 2 blogrolls with contributor blogs and related literary websites:
- blogroll blueprint (focus contributors)
blogroll virtual notes (focus literary links)


3) issue feedback


to the different launch groups via facebook, mail + blog:

The Peppermint Bottle + the New York Novel
"This is an exceptional beginning!  I absolutely love the 24 facets image!  Really, it is so good.  And I love the Peppermit Bottle.  I like that the pieces come with notes.  It adds a lot, like your cropped photos with the originals." - Steve Wing

"I am behind in my reading. This is wonderful, Sherry's piece, and a beautiful image by Julia." - Rose Hunter

the thin model + Wednesday
facebook wall conversation
"Wow! gorgeously stark words with the images" - Julia Davies
"Wow! Stunning images and words ~ " - Karyn Eisler
"It's so great so far!~ Exciting stuff" - Mary Stone Dockery
"it's one of those issues that made me wish for a gallery room, with the artworks on the wall, and the writing spoken." - Dorothee Lang
"now how do we get that working, virtually. A challenge for another day...:-)" - Daniel Elza

"I think these are beautiful next pages.  it is a progression, and it speaks to me too.  the thin model is so powerful and the fit with the images is seamless, like the one evoked the other." -Steve Wing, via mail

"Another collaborated poem is out. This time in the challenge issue of The Blue Print Review . The poem is titled the thin model (or sepa ration corpuscle) and is written in collaboration with Arlene Ang . Arlene, that makes four, out of the seven poems we have written together, published..." - Daniela Elza blog post

River Rising + The Dare
"My pal Dorothee Lang has a fabulous new issue of Blue Print Review in slow release this month. the themed issue centers on "challenges" and features my piece The Dare along side the likes of Susan Gibb, Julia Davies, Steve Wing and a host of other fine writers. Be sure to check it out!" - Michael J. Soldender, blog post

Balance + Sixty-One
" I like everything in the new issue, but my favourite is the story which a photo of mine was chosen to illustrate, Balance by Alex Bernstein - a fine, sharp treatment of a theme that hits home with me; I couldn't be more pleased (if also a little discomfited)." - Jean Morris, blog post

"I do love Sixty-One. the last line picks you up and makes you lighter.  and I like that photo overlay, which fits nicely with the inspiring text.  and the other one, Balance, is so good too in its very different way.  a powerful image and later you find the connection in the interview.  very nicely done.  this story makes me aware again of how much people are suffering now.  some of them people who were not at all accustomed to this kind of suffering and anxiety."  - Steve Wing

Imago + Brass Urn
Imago: "Rose: I love the rhythm in your words" - Julia Davies
"all tulle-ed up! the crash and the line of flight. good stuff." -Sherry O'Keefe

Smoking + The Message
'Smoking' is so detailed and powerful.  once I reaced this line I was hooked, like reading this story was as hard to stop as a bad habit: ' No one tells us that the words we write in little books to God are written in invisible, silent ink.'  and the ending lines are perfect, though so sad.  Susan's image too is brilliant and a good fit with it. and wow, 'the message' - and the photo like someone's old vacation shot.  beautiful and real.  these together, a layer of different texture for this issue. - Steve Wing (mail)

"I made that "Morpheus" image in Photoshop years ago, for the poem "Recycling" when I made it into a movie. It was originally an image of my face,  then in a series of warping, and some touch-up, I was able to turn it into an embryo. I'm so glad it's being used here." - Susan Gibb

I think the "Bridge"-image works with this story on so many different levels! The small, rural setting, the solitary character, and of course the themes of disconnection and alienation. So glad this photo and story came together! - Claire Ibarra

Soundtrack + I'm On a Boat

"Very interesting essay, still pondering who is in my boat... " Claire Ibarra

Driving Lessons + The House Made of Brambles

I really liked Marcia Arrieta's poem and read more of her work which is excellent and very airy and surrealsitic. - Ron Kostar

Civilisation + But be Honest

"i'm really impressed with the quality of images and writing in your issues." - Ron Kostar

"beautiful closure it is, with these final pieces of the challenge puzzle completing the picture in a deeply satisfying way. and 'beyond Pompidou' is superb!" - Steve Wing



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