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The house made of brambles

I live in a house made of brambles. somewhat like a bird's nest.

pieces of fabric & gold thread create a roof. within the house exists

a stream with seven goldfish. the goldfish are healthy and will live

forever. sometimes I attempt to understand my life & often

confuse or maybe it is infuse or defuse the past with the present

with the future.


I love my small room of silent clocks, where the walls are covered

in postage stamps. there by a window sits my writing table; its surface

scattered with a handful of stardust. a bristle pine grows from its middle.

through the years the tree has forged a hole through the roof & often times

a variety of birds gather on its branches, some made of paper, some real.


my house sits in sand, surrounded by gardens, with a view to the sea.

occasionally I speak in sunflowers; other times I am silent.

one day I realize I must venture out, no matter how frightening,

into the world—and so I begin by untaping the blue masking tape

around my door.



words: Marcia Arrieta, California (indefinite space)

image: 'lake triptych' - Ron Kostar, NJ (more)


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