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The Process & Bios

Notes on "Treeline Lullaby"
by Stacey Dye

Jean and I live thousands of miles apart and have never met personally but know each other well from workshopping at Wild Poetry Forum. We have been reading and critiqueing each others work for years and decided to try a collaboration a year or so ago only to find out that we really clicked!

For "Treeline", my friend Jean Brasseaur and I took a picture she had from where some land was being cleared near her house and used it as inspiration to write this collaboration.

It is loosely based on the Renga form. Jean began by writing the hokku and I responded (in italics) and posed the following haiku. She in turn responded to me and vice versa until we felt it was finished.

We do these often and find we feed off of each other very well. We tend to have a great energy with each other.

In contrast and combination to the "treeline" image, the picture above is of a woodsy canopy near my house. The primary focus is a giant live oak covered in Spanish moss and fern. It is probably at least a hundred and fifty years old. I just love the live oaks. They grow in abundance down here in south Georgia.



Jean Brasseur lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, two children, two dogs, five ferrets and other assorted pets. She enjoys all types of poetry particularly that written by new and unknown poets. Jean's work has appeared in The Battered Suitcase, Orange Room Review and Red Fez. Recent work includes several collaborations with Stacey Dye which can be found here and in LYNX: Collaborative Poetry.

Stacey Dye began to seriously pursue the art of poetry about four years ago. Her favorite subjects are nature and the human condition.
She has had a love affair with words forever and collects them on rocks, jewelry and through music and inspirational quotes posted everywhere and of course, through poetry.
Credits include Mused, Touch: The Journal of Healing, Flutter Poetry Journal, LYNX and MagnaPoets. She has previously appeared in BluePrintReview. Her poetry and musings can be found at Stacey Dye


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