BluePrintReview Issue 20
The Missing Issue



Spent most of the day yesterday reading Issue 20 which I think is simply brilliant. I'm so pleased to be a part of it - I read some of Issue 20's entries twice, and plan on returning to a few -- Ben Tanzer's clean and compelling "What We Thought We Knew" among them -- a third time.
- Tai Dong Huai


issue 20 is wonderful! i love the cover photo and then the design created on it-- as always very artistic and inspiring-- i especially liked the hue of antiquation.
- marcia arrieta


blue print review --consistently wonderful.
- Jeff Crouch


i liked the new york piece and the roland goity stuff. the issue has a real night quality to it this time. i like it, being a night person...
Steves pics were super cool.
- Michael K. White


The fragmented images you created are so fitting!  Like puzzles, like mosaics.  And the other graphics are really impressive. Smitha, Swati, Jeff Crouch's color abstracts, so many fine images. 
- Steve Wing


Just want to let you know that the issue looks AMAZING! I like every image – can stare for hours at each of them. Still didn't have time to read – but it was such a treat to “read” the visual part!
- v. ulea


Sheila Lynne's poem "Sweater" is really beautiful. It brings to mind the early somewhat chill spring days on the east coast when the strong sunlit lights up the old red-brick building outside and the ubiquitous sense of yearning really strikes a resonant cord.
- Jónas Knútsson


At any rate, have been through Issue 20 (some selections more than once), and definite standouts include the metaphysical depth of Lynn Strongin's "When I lie,", the philosopical potency of Arlene Ang's "Memento Mori," and the truthfulness of Jonas Knutsson's "New York." Of course I have shared the issue with family and friends, and in passing some have commented on the incredibly fortuitous merging of words and images. I am quite honored to be part of this impressive journal!
- Sincerely, Gregory F. Tague


feedback / forward
and here a feedback that brought the idea for a possible future issue of blueprintreview, one that is dedicated to reprints.

(note: the "revisited/reprints" issue will probably be issue 22, as the upcoming issue 21 has a theme already: "shortcuts/detours")

Thought you might find the following interesting in light of the release of BluePrintReview #20, and your inclusion of my story "Kissie Kiss" as a reprint. It is a brief exchange with a friend. - I find the whole concept of a reprint fascinating for the very reason that my friend points out - how taking the same words, and framing them differently can lead to a very different emotional response - a different experience entirely.
- Karyn Eisler

thoroughly enjoyed reading kissie kiss again and very much like the art/image choice to accompany the article... somehow, your
story felt/seemed different in this journal than in the original.

it does have a different feel to it, doesn't it? how so, for you? i'm curious -

this might sound weird... but in terms of reading Kissie Kiss in Blueprint, it seemed freer, more airy, lighter for me (not in the substantive content or writing but I felt freer in the emotion it evoked for me)... maybe it was the spacing or formatting or the art work that accompanied your article... but it seemed more breezy, free flowing than the article's appearance first time round.


BluePrintReview - issue 20 - The Missing Part