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one and one makes two. at least as long as you remain inside the cosmos of mathematics. but turn the page, enter the sphere of stories and images - and you will find that one plus one can add up to much more than two, that it rather leads to an entirely different level - that's where the dynamic of collaborate projects is coming from.

since last year, i am part of the group writing project 2028, and since then, i am even more curious for web projects. there seems to be a growing number of them, each of them based on an unique approach, taking a very distinct direction. here are my favourite four. - doro.


2028 - a collaborate novel

"In January 2007, seven auhors who met in the borderless world of literary e-zines initiated an international group writing project. The idea of the project: to develop a future vision of our world caught in a global ecological crises, a world of flowers turning grey.

Since then, the story grew steadily in unexpected patterns and shapes, with each author reflecting on the future of his/her culture and continent, while the different storylines are interweaved into one novel."

web link: 2028 - a world novel in progress


one-upmanship writing challenge
2 authors, 6 stories

"The only real goal was each time to out-do the other writer's story, which had just outdone yours. What I think I was looking for was a way to take my writing to a new place." - David Bulley
"What I really like about this challenge is I'm writing in a whole different wayŚnot just the style of writing, but the HOW of writing. Usually I think about a story for a long time before I write it. With only two days, it's forcing me to think less and intuit more." - Carolyn Agosta

web links: eclectica spotlight
& The Scrawl


3191 - a photo collaboration

"The site started when two e-friends, 3191 miles apart, both took photos and compared. From then on, they took a photo every morning and, without comparing or conferring beforehand, uploaded them to their website. On their own, each photographer would have produced a delightful record of their year - together, this is something special." - Simon Thomas

web link: 3191 - a year of evenings


sidebrow - multi-author projects

"An online & print journal dedicated to innovation & collaboration, Sidebrow provides a forum for exploring the collective & the singular in the literary arts. The end result of the Sidebrow endeavor will be a series of multiple-author, multiple-genre books & chapbooks based on & culled from the various projects & posts evolving on the website." - sidebrow

open to submissions

web link: sidebrow



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