Michael K. White

My Apartment
a micronovel

"At one time, all of this was prairie as far as the eye could see. Imagine those tall musky weeds you yank every summer growing to their full height; an ocean of them. As far as you could see. It was here, right on this spot that the Building was erected, a breezy late 1940's brick apartment house.

The twenty apartments in the Building are spacious, high ceiling and bright, with skylights and big windows. We could go into number 3 or number 7. But no, let's go into Apartment Number 9."

My Apartment is the epic history of a certain apartment (#9) and a selection of episodes from the wide spectrum of tenants there. Told in a surreal, non linear series of short chapters, My Apartment is a ghost book; a phantom memoir.

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About the Author

As one half of the semi-legendary playwriting team Broken Gopher Ink, Michael K. White spent his youth tricking and fooling producers into investing their dirty money in his lurching, lumbering plays. Incredibly this led to forty play productions, including fifteen off-Broadway runs that cloaked the author with a bogus literary credibility he misuses to this day. His low cholesterol mega monologue play, "My Heart And the Real World" ran for almost two years in New York City , enabling the authors to eat at John's Pizzeria. In 2007 his story 13 Halloweens was chosen as one of the ten best stories published in 2006 by the super cool folks at Story South.

A shy, humble man who lives with the cows in Colorado, White, a frequently published, deeply scarred veteran of the tragic and furious litmag scene of the 80s, is now content to live in solitude with his debts and addictions. Recently he was unpleasantly surprised to find an extended family of black and yellow snakes living inside the crack between the steps and his house. He found this out the hard way.

Webpage: Broken Gopher