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"The earth of the volcanoes is covered in countless layers of coloured ashes. It makes her wish she had been here the day when the lava was streaming down to the cliff, when elements had melted. Like back in the old days, when all that existed was water and stone, and the beating of the waves, this liquid pulse of entropy, of all things waiting to become." - water, stone / transition

transition is a micro collection of stories + poems. Both the content and the physical shape of this collection is about the crossing of boundaries - transits between dreaming and being awake, between East and West, between expectation and reality, all wrapped in a micro collection that fits in an air mail envelope.

Note: this collection wasn't meant to be officially published already, yet one of the first draft copies received a review - Literature: Transition by Dorothee Lang - and following this "going public", transition now in fact can be obtained.

Order Info
is offered as signed + hand made copy in limited edition for 7$ (shipping included). Order page with details


a hand-made photo

to give an idea of the size + creation of this micro novel, here a "making-of"-photo:


Feedback / Reviews
"There are more works included in this fantastic little collection. Oddly enough, while I sat reading it in the comfort of my own living room, I could see it as a great little book to take on a short trip. The pieces are just long enough, just short enough, to invite reading in short and thoughtful bits of time. The images last beyond the reading, when one would look up and think on the words as new things pass by in the windows. It's a book about travel. It's a book about being home." - Susan Gibb (review link)


About the Author

Dorothee Lang is a writer, web freelancer and traveller. She lives in Germany and edits BluePrintReview and Daily s-Press. Recent publications include elimae, Metazen, Referential, The New Yorker (book bench), Otoliths and qarrtsiluni.

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