J. A. Tyler

J. A. Tyler is a new American author who has been publishing short fiction for the last two years. A mix of satire and sharply poetic language, his writing is the exploration of strange ideas, fierce themes, and the placement of words. His style includes light humor, as seen in The Stand Up (a Contest Winner at Big Pond Rumours) as well as violent, pulsing experimentation, found in many of his recently published pieces.

He just completed his first novella entitled Nobody. Begun as a semi-autobiographical work, it became a compilation of hundreds of minute stories working towards the illustration of a life lived. It is, in short, the biographical sketch of a no one, a nothing, a nada. A chapter of this work, Scenic Highway #34, appeared in the BluePrintReview.

J. A. Tyler's next novel is now in progress. It is the exploration of one hundred episodes of death tied to the same pinpoint moment, melded aggressively and relentlessly into a single second.

While these ideas for fiction come and go, the constants remain: a six-pound dog, a highly supportive and loving wife, and the bubbling smiles of a newborn son.

Forthcoming Publications @:

“No. 17”
Underground Voices (Annual Print Anthology) / Dec. 2006

“The Disposable Wife”
Kid Rocket / November 2006

Publications Archived Online & for Purchase @:

"72nd and Wabash, One Block Off State Street”
from the novella Nobody
Poor Mojo's Almanc(k) / October 2006

“913 Mansfield Drive”
from the novella Nobody
Artistry of Life / October 2006

“Nameless, Shapeless, Alleyways”
from the novella Nobody
Cezanne's Carrot / September 2006

“Leonard the Self-Inflicted Savant”
thieves jargon / September 2006

“From Houston to Phoenix”
55 words / August 2006

“Scenic Highway #34”
from the novella Nobody
BluePrintReview / August 2006

“The Last Light Bulb in the Known Universe”
Bewildering Stories / August 2006

“Of Dreams”
Arabesques / July 2006

The Stand-Up
(1st Place Fiction: Summer 2006 Premiere Issue)
Big Pond Rumours / July 2006

“Dog and Rabbit”
The Green Muse / June 2006

“Walking Wounded”
The Furnace Review / April 2006

“Joseph Rudy and the Incredible Goddamn”
Antimuse / April 2006

“Little June Proctor”
Peridot Books / January 2006

“The Charity Case”
The Writer's Post Journal / November 2005

“The Black Hole in Tommy's Backyard”
Slow Trains Literary Journal / September 2005


you can contact J.A.Tyler at tyle2828@hotmail.com