Hobart will feature a series of guest edited issues, starting with the theme September - "anything involving those last delicious drops of summer and the first brisk scent of fall"
Deadline: August 5

CautionaryTale contest: tell a story of 500 to 1500 words. The story has to include: a recipce, but no kitchen; a dream, but no sleep; and the phrase: "just in time"
Deadline: August 31

4 word poem
eclectica is running its poetry assignment again,
the pre-chosen words this time are:
hemisphere, indignant, thistle, and wipe.
Deadline: September 1

Hidden Agendas
Big Ugly Review Issue #4 will be about hidden agendas in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art; also there is a "He read the note, folded it, and edged it into the gutter" - contest.
Deadline: September 1

The New America
Mississippi Review is calling for remarks, ideas, opinions, cartoons, laments, prescriptions and prayers concerning
The New America: Who and what is she?
Deadline: September 15

Panasonic Photo Award
Panasonic invites amateur photographers to send in up to 6 of their best photos across all or any of the five categories:
Nature & the Environment, Travel, People,
Motion & Speed, Abstract
Deadline: October 31

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