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2 Fern Notes + About the Image

note: image - "circination"
Steve Wing

"There was a moment that could only be morning, with a patina of dew and gentle sun.  It felt like a personal moment for this fern, something usually hidden, but now shyly shared.  The frond unrolling, not just the branch but also each leaf, reminding me of M.C. Escher, so precise and other-worldly.  Except it is our world, the world we come from, but usually are not there to notice.

As for the name of the image: circination is a mysterious half made up word, but take a look here: wikipedia/Vernation."

- Steve Wing


note: Fernus interruptus
Beth Adams

..It's then that I notice the fern just outside the window. It's an interrupted fern, one of Herm's favorites - he used to jokingly call them Fernus interruptus* - and perfect in its newness, the fruiting bodies on the stem not yet dried, the fronds above and below them light delicate green. I search the woods nearby but it's the only one I can see. We look at each other.

"*The interrupted fern, Osmunda claytoniana, has the oldest fossil record of any living fern today, going back over 200 million years."

- Beth Adams


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