2028 - excerpts and links

Century City Beach
A short century in Jacksonville, Florida
"Normally Calder avoided the nearer city beach, but these were different times..."

Orange Juice in Chinese Tea Cups
A tale of heaven and hell from Xuchang, China
(published in Serene Light, a multicultural magazine)
"Xuchang was a city so small that any place could be reached within five or seven minutes. Small, however, did not mean less people..."

Under Mabati Roofs
A day of rain in Kibera, Kenya
(published in Foliate Oak, the literary online magazine of the University of Arkansas)
"Kibera might look like the place that needed a good cleaning every once in a while, but rain, like a feast after a fast upsets the stomach, did not work well with the bowels of Kibera..."


The e-zine that established the connection between all participating authors

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