2028 - participating authors

Ellen Driscoll, Australia
Efrat Havusha, Israel
Tasnim Jivaji, Kenya / Canada
Dorothee Lang, Germany
Smitha Murthy, India
Michael K. White, Colorado, USA
Steve Wing, Florida, USA



Ellen Driscoll lives in Sydney, where she works as a feature writer and location coordinator for lifestyle and gardening magazines. She has completed a Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts, and is currently working on a non-fiction book project. She also enjoys photography and has written several short stories.

Efrat Havusha
lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she works in the world of business and hi-tech. She is author of the novel Minsarot ("Prisms") and has been published in English and Hebrew, both online and in print. In 2006, she completed her screenwriting studies, took part in the development of a TV series, and created a short film for the 48-hour-film festival.
Blog: www.wordesire.blogspot.com

Tasnim Jivaji is an emerging writer and poet. Born and raised in Kenya, she immigrated to Canada in 1999, where she pursued her passion for writing by taking the Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. She sometimes appears in the local newspaper writing about events or her immigrating experiences, and she frequently reads her poetry at the Mississauga Library Poetry Nights. Tasnim loves to travel and has journeyed far and wide throughout the globe.
Blog: www.tomaketime.blogspot.com

Dorothee Lang lives in the South of Germany. She has a degree in economies/advertising; places she worked in include: a bookstore, an advertising agency, a Mercedes factory & the marketing department of a media company.
She edits the experimental online journal BluePrintReview, her own work has appeared in numerous online magazines.
Website: www.blueprint21.de

Smitha Murthy lives in Bangalore, India. A restless wanderer in the wilderness of this world, she worked as editor for the Sunday Herald, as teacher in a school in China, and is currently working in the PR-department of Thomas White International, India.
Bookblog: www.lifewordsmith.blogspot.com

Steve Wing
graduated in biology, studying insects at night in the mangrove swamps of Thailand. His travels also took him to Africa, Central and South America, and Nepal. His work experiences range from manual labor with machetes and shovels to teaching genetics at a community college. Currently he lives in Florida and works in administrative computing at a major university. His publications include scientific papers in refereed journals and creative works in BluePrint Review, Eclectica, Perigee, Cha, and other on-line journals.
Online gallery: www.pbase.com/sand_shadow

Michael K. White is one half of the semi-legendary playwriting team Broken Gopher Ink, authors of forty play productions, including fifteen off-Broadway runs that cloaked White with a bogus literary credibility he misuses to this day. His low cholesterol mega monologue play, My Heart And the Real World ran for almost 2 years in New York City, enabling the authors to eat at John's Pizzeria. Website: www.brokengopher.com


Concept & Coordination

Dorothee Lang, Germany



dorothee.lang AT blueprint21 DOT de

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