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Der Biergeist


From the first moment, the Biergeist attends to her duties with a comely spirit.

Peer deep into the brew kettle just as the heat rises and you might catch a glimpse of the Biergeist. Watch carefully. Once the wort begins to bubble and froth, she'll sink in and suffuse herself and you'll lose sight of her.

Deep 'neath the roiling bubbles, she is working her magic. Melding the malt and hops into an effervescent elixir.

The boil completed, a dose of yeast enters into the fray. The Biergeist feasts, frenzied foam in evidence for hours and hours inside the vessel ensconced in the cool of the dark cellar.

Days go by. Sated, the Biergeist surrounds herself with lace. The beauty of her work has just begun. She gently clears the beer and brightens it.

She dances round the edge of the colours. Hungry for sweetness to ensure the completion of one more task.

At last, the Biergeist bursts forth from the bottle. She dives into a waiting glass and bubbles up once more. Casting her shadow, she tickles and delights us.


I have read the first part of in/stance(s) with great pleasure.
You've inspired me to pay attention to the "nature of moments" as beer is brewed and conditioned. So I put together a photo essay about the Biergeist I met recently. 

- Rouchswalwe (website: 5fingerplatz)


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